Saturday, December 3, 2011

Detect Carrier IQ on Android phones with Voodoo Carrier IQ Detector App

A review of the Voodoo Carrier IQ Detector app for Android! This will help you determine if your device has CIQ or not. Let me know what you think, and what device you run this app with!

There are some parts of CIQ that can't be removed, but can't function without the other. If a certain part is removed then it will cause a bootloop within the phone, if you have a number below 200, I'd say for now you are good :)

Voodoo Carrier IQ Detector:

A clear explanation of Carrier IQ:

Carrier IQ threatens to sue TrevE:

Carrier IQ retracts cease and desist and apologizes:

Carrier IQ on the LG Optimus S:



Google Plus:

ACS Site:

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  1. Great app... This Company and the carrier will be changing their ways once we allllll get done with them.


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