Monday, January 9, 2012

How to get FREE Tethering on any phone with ClockworkMod Tether (no root)

This video will show you how to get FREE USB tethering with any phone using the ClockworkMod Tether (no root) Application found in the Android market! NO ROOT ACCESS REQUIRED!! This works on Windows, Mac, and Linux! Let me know what you think!!

ClockworkMod Tether (no root) App:






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  1. Expert demonstration for a well designed app.

  2. Nice.. but how to get Revers tether without root.. i have Micromax canvas2 A110

  3. Have Sp***t as carrier,now carrier wants to update phone to 4.1.2 . ???? Am currently running 4.1.1 ,non-Rooted,Stock. ClockworkMod no-root tether has been working like a champ,when it works.I suspect any and all issues I am having on my end are carrier-related.GREAT WORK To Koush , BTW.My question is this; was about to purchase app,but now Sp***t keeps up with their annoying update notifications.Should I : (A) keep ignoring Sp***t Update (B)Uninstall CWMTNR,get update,then re-install tether, (C) I am Deathly afraid of rooting on 4.1.1, not to mention 4.1.2 -I am the Newb that needs "like you are telling your 72 year old Grandma how to Root Instructions" Is there a Stable root for GS3 Sprint running 4.1.2 ???Will the no-root tether even work on 4.1.2 ??? P.S. Could you give me a link to the Sprint .apk for CWMNRT? Seem to have forgotten where I originally found it....and are there any planned updates to ClockworkMod Tether No-Root? still have 6 days left on trial.. Sorry about all the questions,.Appreciate any and all input,Thank you VERY Much in advance.(P.S. ,from what I hear ,the Update that Sprint is rolling out now is a small one,does not include Multi-view,but I am Sure you are Way ahead of me on that.)


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