Monday, October 31, 2011

Screen Size of Cell Phones and Hand Size have a Direct Correlation

There is always a continual debate on whether screen sizes are getting too big on Android phones. In my opinion, that debate will continue until people hand's become the same size. This is why variety is a key feature for Android phones. Having the ability to choose the size screen that you have just adds to the appeal for Android. Hand size plays a key role in whether the screen is too big for yourself or not. I have come up with the "four corner" test to tell whether or not the screen can fit your hand size. This test can be found here: Everyone likes having a choice, and this is why it is great to be able to choose which screen size you like best. iPhones do have a downside to having only one screen size (3.5 inches) and that is NO variety. Which is something the iphone lacks (obviously). Just my opinion on screen sizes and whether they are getting too big! It all depends on the person!

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  1. hye tim,,i cant find the apps at play store..can u give me .apk file?


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