Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do you use a screen protector to guard your phone?

This is a topic that is always up for debate. I myself struggle with it to decide whether or not to protect my phone with a screen protector. Many of the screens today come with gorilla glass which is a very strong and sturdy glass. Devices such as the Nexus S 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, and Epic 4G Touch all have gorilla glass. My question to you is, do you use a screen protector? Or do you just rely on the insurance plan you have for your phone or even just risk it without a plan? The reason I ask, is because it has always been something I have been torn over. The protectors definitely take away from the screen vibrancy and coloring. I have used a protector on my device for an extended period of time and was amazed at how much better the screen looked after I took it off. They also can take away from the feel of the device and screen and make it a little more difficult to navigate. When I had my first Android phone (my Samsung Epic) I always had a screen protector on it to begin with. It was something I wanted to protect and take care of. Eventually, I took it off and started risking damage for the amazing look of the super amoled screen. Since then, I have not used a screen protector on any phone I have owned. Not once has a screen been scratched, cracked or damaged in any way. This makes me question, are the screen protectors really necessary? I don't plan to use them, but if other have other opinions on the matter please share! I would love to hear whether or not you use them and why! Thanks!


  1. I used one initially on my Samsung Epic but eventually took it off and enjoy the phone far more sans protector. I try to make sure not to put my phone in the same pocket as my keys, so the screen has stayed in pretty good shape.

    Unless your primary concern is resale value of the phone, why not leave the protector off and take full advantage of the great looking screen?

  2. I am torn on this issue as well, and basically did the same thing you did. When I got my Epic I immediately put a Zagg screen protector on. My wife has a EVO and she did the same. The Epic was not as affected by the protector as the EVO with regard to feel and appearance, but it still degraded the appearance on the phone. Once it finally started to peel loose on one corner, I removed it and did not replace it. I love my Epic much more without it. I am somewhat careful with my phone but by no means do I baby it. I don't have a single scratch on it since removing the protector.

    After seeing the difference I won't be using a screen protector anymore. It's like buying a new car and never taking it out of the garage. Yeah it's nice, but can you really enjoy it?

    I still have a screen protector on my G1, sitting in my closet. It has had one since day 1 as well. It will have a perfect screen on it the day I toss it in the recycle bin! What a waste.

  3. Never going to use a screen protector. I have a pouch for my phone I can put it in if I need to put my phone with keys, coins etc.

  4. apparently if you use a small amount of hand sanitizer on the screen before applying the protector you can avoid dust and stuff under the screen and you wont even notice the protector

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